Friday, 2 September 2016

Digital is changing insurance

Detials is a this trend is most evident with car insurance where online purchases make up over 73% of all policies sold (Sigma, 2014). However, technology will always evolve further. In a similar manner to the aforementioned tap/well analogy, more often than not, consumers still need to answer 20+ questions to get a car quote despite today’s off-the-shelf technology providing the pipes and the pump to enable a much simpler customer experience. Too often in today’s market place, insurers feel more bound by the perceived needs of their underwriting department, rather than the needs of their customers.

Software-as-a-service (SaaS) is helping insurance companies to take their digital offerings to the next level. Enhanced mobile-first websites allow prospective customers to use Google as their window to the internet empowering them to search, browse proposition information, get a quote and buy online in just minutes. Digitally minded agents are starting to think of insurance technology as an eco-system that includes lead-management systems capable of storing prospective customer’s lists and planning for follow up calls that their broker management systems don’t support. These same broker management systems should be treated as transaction engines, not customer relationship management (CRM) tools.

There has also been a notable rise in web-based risk management tools built by insurance companies and agents for customers to judge the risk levels of their business and determine the necessary insurance products best suited to that risk. Most importantly, the customer is able to assess their insurance premium via online calculators which are more comprehensive and determine risk which is personalised as opposed to general. Done right, this allows the customer to know exactly how premium figures are derived and leads to a more credible system.

Keeping on the water theme, social media is a fire hydrant of instant information to insurance organisations seeking to gain a better market presence, particularly if they’re facing the prospect of dwindling growth. Social media channels such as Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn cultivate peer-to-peer communication, sharing of information and social communities. Of interesting note in this space, Google have recently entered the insurance market, offering an aggregation service no doubt on the back of identifying the insurance industry as being ripe for disruption

Education degree Information

 Teaching in public schools requires a bachelorís degree and completion of an approved education program, as well as supervised teaching sessions and certification. Private schools do not have all of the same requirements, since the government does not operate them. Education specializations include teaching those with special needs, adult education programs, bilingual and physical education.

A Bachelor of Education degree is the necessary undergraduate degree in order to teach. This degree is usually in conjunction with another bachelorís degree or a double major in the subject the student wants to teach.

The coursework for becoming a teacher is mainly pedagogical, focusing on educational theory. Learning about the subject can change and is often more broad as an undergraduate. For example, if a student decides he wants to teach English instead of psychology, he may have to take a few courses in the humanities field.

Training for teaching in the classroom usually comes after earning the bachelorís degree, since students need to take a year or so to student teach, observe and act as a teacher in the classroom. Other courses are a combination of social sciences, psychology and sociology, such as child development, child and adolescent psychology, education leadership, cognition and instruction, human development, quantitative methodology, learning disabilities, behavioral disorders and multicultural special education.

Earning A Degree At A School Of Education
Students usually attend a School of Education to earn this degree, which is a division within a university devoted to academia in education. These research-based programs offer Master of Arts, Master of Education, Doctor of Philosophy or Doctor of Education degrees in addition to teacher-education programs and teacher certification or licensure programs for undergraduates.

Coursework is primarily about teacher preparation and instruction, along with curriculum, public policy, counseling and pedagogy. Some notable schools for education degrees include Harvard University, UCLA, UC Berkeley, Northwestern University, Columbia University, the University of Wisconsin at Madison, New York University and University of Kansas.

Students can earn a Masters of Education degree, which involves learning methods, management and evaluation. This kind of degree often focuses in a specialized field, such as preparation for counselors, educational administration, guidance counseling, student affairs, adult education or continuing work until earning a Ph.D. Masters of Education degrees also can focus on one subject in more detail and it is especially useful for teachers who want to advance their career and certification. Anyone who wants to teach or work in a postsecondary educational institution should look into Masters of Education programs.

Doctorate Of Education Degree
A Doctor of Education degree or D.Ed. is necessary for administrative and specialized positions in an educational institution. D.Ed. candidates must finish all coursework and a thesis, usually concerning pedagogical theory, research methods and applying education theory into classroom practices. This kind of degree is necessary for those who want to become administrators in postsecondary institutions, such as a career as a university dean.

Doctorate Of Philosophy Degree For Education
A Ph.D. in Education focuses on practice and theory of teaching and learning as well as administration and support. Students train in instructional design and curricula development while developing educational leadership skills and research approaches so they can contribute to the dynamic field of pedagogy.

Earning A Degree Online
The availability of education degrees online has made it easier in recent years to advance a career. Since online degrees are accessible from anywhere in the world and work well for people with busy schedules or a full-time job, earning a higher degree will help progress an education career to the next level while providing students with the convenience of learning from home. Students considering an online degree program can also try to find a university that offers courses online.

Certification For Teachers
In order to teach in the classroom, students must pass certification tests. Nearly every state requires a bachelorís degree before being eligible to take tests reflecting subject matter competency and basic skills exam. Ambitious teachers who plan to move out-of-state should look into national certification. Those who are interested will need to send in video footage of teaching and answer subject questions related to their breadth of content knowledge.

Career Opportunities
While the most obvious career choice for someone studying education is becoming a teacher, a degree in education opens the door to a wide range of job prospects. Besides teaching at any level, like preschool, kindergarten, elementary school, middle school, junior high and high school, education degree graduates can pursue careers in a specialized field of teaching, such as special education, physical education or teaching English as a second language.

Other careers for those with a degree in education include a counselor, career counselor, education researcher or textbook writer. Those who pursue higher postsecondary degrees should consider administrative work as a principal, assistant principal, dean, superintendent or college faculty member.

Earning Potential
According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, K-12 grade level teachers held around 3.4 million jobs, with 1.9 million in elementary schools and 1.4 million in secondary schools, with an expected growth rate of 10 to 20 percent. The demand for teachers in inner cities and rural areas is high, while jobs in suburban regions are very competitive. There is also a shortage of teachers in mathematics, science, computer science and bilingual education.

Unfortunately, teachersí salaries are notoriously low, with median annual earning for elementary and secondary school ranging from $39,330 to $41,400. However, most people looking towards a career in teaching are not that concerned about pay. Certain specialty fields pay more, while the level of education and years spent teaching also factor into salary. Special education teachers can make up to $59,000, whereas the median salary for a school principal is $73,536.

University of South Wales

welcome to UNSW Australia (The University of latest South Wales), one in every of Australia's leading analysis and teaching universities. At UNSW, we have a tendency to pride oneself within the broad vary and prime quality of our teaching programs. Our teaching gains strength and currency from our analysis activities, robust business links and our international nature; UNSW incorporates a robust regional and international engagement.
In developing new ideas and promoting lasting information we have a tendency to area unit making an educational atmosphere wherever outstanding students and students from round the world are often galvanized to stand out in their programs of study and analysis. Partnerships with each native and international communities permit UNSW to share information, dialogue and analysis outcomes. UNSW’s public events embody concert performances, open days and public forums on problems like the atmosphere, health care and international politics. we have a tendency to encourage you to explore the UNSW web site therefore you'll be able to ascertain a lot of concerning what we have a tendency to do.

University of Queensland

  University of Australian state (UQ) is one among Australia’s leading analysis and teaching establishments. we attempt for excellence through the creation, preservation, transfer and application of data. For quite a century, we've educated and worked with outstanding folks to deliver information leadership for a much better world.UQ ranks within the high fifty as measured by the QS World University Rankings and also the Performance Ranking of Scientific Papers for World Universities. The University additionally ranks fifty two within the North American country News Best world Universities Rankings, sixty within the Times education World University Rankings and seventy seven within the educational Ranking of World Universities.
The University’s world analysis positioning was highlighted by the election of 5 UQ scientists to the Australian Academy of Science (AAS) in 2015 – nearly one quarter of the twenty one new Fellows and also the most from any establishment within the country.
The 5 new Fellows joined associate degree existing cluster of twenty nine UQ scientists admitted to the AAS as Fellows since 1988, transportation WHOle|the full|the overall} range of UQ teachers who ar members of 1 of Australia’s six prestigious learned academies to 166.

University of Warwick

Details the institution of the University of the Kingmaker was given approval by the govt in 1961 and received its charter of Incorporation in 1965.
the idea for a university in Coventry was mooted shortly once the conclusion of the Second warfare however it had been a daring and creative  partnership of town and also the County that brought the University into being on a 400-acre web site conjointly granted by the 2 authorities. Since then, the University has incorporated the previous Coventry faculty of Education in 1978 and has extended its land holdings by the acquisition of connected farm land.
The University 1st|at the start} admitted atiny low intake of graduate students in 1964 and took its first 450 undergraduates in Gregorian calendar month 1965. In Gregorian calendar month 2013, the scholar population was over twenty three,000 of that nine,775 square measure postgraduates. Around a 3rd of the scholar body comes from overseas and over a hundred and twenty countries square measure delineate on the field.